"Can’t even take my daughter for a walk, see ‘em by the corner store.
I feel like I’m cornered off enough is enough, I’m calling this off.”

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!   Blue got scared and wanted to hold her hand. :(

Bey’s head snap back like she was gonna kill a bitch for her child.

I mean, Beyoncé was ready to fight when she turned around dont get that shit twisted. 50 Cent said beyonce ran up on him once because she thought 50 and Jay had beef…Beyoncé ran up on 50 cent….let that sink in….so you think she won’t cut a bitch for her baby Blue!?!

But Kim left her baby at a fashion show 👀 but I’m sleep tho

^ whaaa? Kim left her at a fashion show?